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On This Mountain

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On This Mountain is written by Nicholas R. Lindeback and published by SMBC Press.

Over 80 percent of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims do not personally know a Christian - they have no one to tell them the good news (see Joshua Project). But behind the statistics are real people. Boys and girls who wake up and go to sleep, live and die, without ever hearing the good news of Jesus.

On This Mountain transforms the statistics into people as it follows Tashi, Dolma and Tenzin while they enjoy a day at a festival. This book not only reminds us and our children of the great need to reach the lost, but also reminds us of God's truths and leads us to prayer.

A book that is relatable, On This Mountain is missional and thoroughly Biblical - and we hope will ultimately drive families and people teaching our children to pray. It is a resource unlike any other available today and suitable for children three to twelve.

On This Mountain can be purchased at this link.

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