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"Some of you have hearts that are wondering if the Cartographer really cares.

A shiver ran down Arc's spine... How could this man be reading his thoughts?"

Arcos is a young artist who travels to the mountainous land of Aratae'Tor for the annual festival to honour the Cartographer who mapped out the world. But after an earthquake left his mother unable to walk, he secretly questions whether the Cartographer really loves him and his family.

Arcos is encouraged to look for the Misaro'Deio, the Cartographer's Servant, who the old prophesies say is coming soon and will turn people's hearts back to the Cartographer. He then meets Ishua who seems to know everything about him.

Could this be the Misaro'Deio? Will he change Arcos's mind about the Cartographer? And will his life ever be the same again?

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Based on John 7, Stephen Reed combines biblical themes with a personal quest to meet Jesus in this fantasy adventure aimed at kids in late primary to early secondary school.


The inspiration came from 'a desire to know what it would be like to stumble upon the promised Messiah and hear his stunning words of life and light... it’d be amazing!'

‘Takes us on an imaginative yet familiar pilgrimage, where we experience the hoping, waiting and thrill of finding Christ.’


Austen Hardwick, teacher, author and children's discipleship specialist at The Salvation Army

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